An app that delivers ‘real time’ inspection data

Unlock Quality Insights in Real Time

An app that delivers ‘real time’ inspection data to quality and manufacturing professionals for storage, management and communication to all functions in the ‘Value Stream’ using Industry Standards as a framework.


Key Features


Real time data

Secure & Redundant Cloud based storage. Available on any device with internet access



Interface with all levels of the Value Stream. Inspections, Engineering, Management, Customer, Vendor & 3rd Party


Industry Standard

Designed around Industry Standards. ISO, APQP, Control Plan, iCharts, Capabilities. With support for REST API and CSV/Excel exports



Your input is invaluable to us, and we're ready to adapt and tailor our offerings to align perfectly with your vision.



Inspection Interface

The ‘Inspection Interface’ allows staff to easily enter findings electronically with any device. The interface has been designed to mirror paper ‘Inspection Sheets’, ‘Process Control Data Sheets’ and ‘Incoming Product Audits’, thereby making the transition easy. The design simplifies the questions for each ‘Feature’ or ‘Point of Inspection’ with OK/NOK, GO/NO GO or value input into color coded questions.

Work Instructions are available with a single tap or click. Additionally, the ‘boots on the ground’ can easily and immediately communicate additional information with each part via:

  • Notes per entry
  • Picture per feature


Admin Interface

The ‘Admin Interface’ allows engineers and professionals to easily set up projects (Process Control Inspection, audits and containment). The interface has effectively reduced the time to deliver inspection method, data collection means and document management to the manufacturing floor by up to 75%. The interface has been designed to mirror Quality Industry Standards making it familiar to navigate for Manufacturing Professionals.

The ease of use is enriched by Admin system features:

  • Copying Features to Project from and existing PN
  • Control Plan Integration (in development)
  • Changing Feature Inspection Order with a ‘drag and drop’
  • Training Record Module (in development)
  • Ability to work from a mobile device
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Report Interface

The ‘Report Interface’ allows organizations to review inspection data real time. The data can be shared with vendors and/or customers as allowed. Raw data can be filtered and exported.

Data can be filtered by an Organization,

  • Part Number
  • Project
  • Start Time & Date
  • End Time & Date
  • Feature
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